Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strange Conditions, Good Fishing

For the past couple weeks the Gulf Stream has been way offshore, the current has been running to the south and the seas have been rough. We've been finding most of the fish about 5 miles out. 
One day while we were trolling offshore we had a double header Sailfish on. We caught and released one out of two Sails! Mostly, we were catching Dolphin, Skipjack Tunas and Blackfin Tunas out there.

In on the reef was a little slow but we 
managed to catch some Bonitos, Mackerel, small Kingfish, Blue Runners and Barracuda.
After trolling offshore on a slow day, we came in to 120 ft of water and a nice edge was forming. We put out some small live Bonitos and had a Sailfish on after waiting about 5 minutes. With each cold front, the Sailfishing will keep getting better and better. It was our lady anglers first Sailfish!