Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fish Faster

This is what happens sometimes. We book a charter, the people tell us "we just want to go for three hours, we don't know how everyone is going to handle it", so we go out and start fishing. Yesterday we took a young man and his sisters. We got out to 100' of water and caught a Kingfish right away. Then I headed a little further offshore. They said they wanted to bring fish home for dinner. We caught a Dolphin immediately. The girls were getting sea sick so we were asked to return to the dock. On the way back we caught a Bonito. We caught dinner for our customers and were back at the dock in just a little over an hour!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fish Fast

Yesterday we had a very short, but very good fishing trip. We picked up a large group of people at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura. There was a total of six boats fishing. It's a half hour ride from there to the inlet and they need to be back in four hours. By the time we get out two miles we have two and a half hours to fish.
We started trolling, heading offshore a few miles. Nothing was happening. I knew there were small Bonitos being caught further in, and the tide was just starting to rise, so I headed in. I found a nice rip just south of Haulover inlet. We started live baiting. We caught a nice Kingfish, biggest we've seen in months, a couple Dolphin and a Sailfish.
Once again, the circle hooks that are designed to protect the fish, didn't work! It was a big Sailfish. It was hooked just below the eye. We removed the hook, put the fish back in the water, revived it and watched it swim away.
We fished fast, we caught fish, we were the only boat out of six with a Sailfish!