Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New First Mate

After ten years of fishing with the same first mate I find myself trying to teach a new first mate how to be better at his job! 
Charlie fished with me for a long time. He took care of the boat, he was great with the customers, we were friends (more like father & son at times). We had a lot of fun fishing together. Now, Captain Charlie has landed a great job in the Virgin Islands. He is captaining a new 43' Cabo with twin 800 hp Manns for a 'world record holding lady' that's looking for more world record fish. Good luck Charlie and have fun!
Alex has been fishing with me for a short time and is learning how to take care of my boat and how to fish on my boat (we'll be working on that for a while). I like him and I think in time it will get to be more and more fun. He's great with the customers, they leave with a smile!